Aldris Mortlock

Aldris was the first son and heir to a semi-powerful noble of the Hartlock family within the Erathian empire. However, during the Great Purges, his father was disgraced, tried for treason, and executed. His entire line was destroyed as well, but Aldris escaped his family’s fate, reluctantly, by being shuttled into, perhaps even abducted, by a militant arm of the Erathian Ecclesiarchy lead by High Inquisitor Balthazar.

The young Aldris showed great promise, however and Balthazzar eventually trained him to be an Inquisitor of the church. This is a task that Aldris has come to take very seriously. However he is caught inbetween an ideological/political battle within the church and isnt quite sure how to play it for the long run but for now he’s Balthazar’s go-to man. So he takes that as his duty.

Aldris does not trust Balthazzar’s motives but he does trust Balthazar insofar as his consistency is concerned. He also believes that Balthazar has very progressive ideas, something that is of great necessity within the church. Aldis is still however, uneasy about the extremes that Balthazzar will be willing to go to enact those changes.

Currently, Aldris Mortlock has been assigned to investigate troubling incidents within the Nentir Vale. His prime mission is to track down a rogue inquisitor and former student of Balthazar, the necromancer Kalarel.

Aldris Mortlock

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