Amelie Farrier

(A.K.A. Amelie Ravendean)

A teenaged orphan and ward of Douven Staul, Amelie Farrier has been revealed to in fact be Amelie Ravendean, daughter of the notorious bandit known as the Red Raven.

Until recently, she was beholden to the state for no less than the crime of treason, after she was accused and found guilty of the theft of vital town documents from the archives of Winterhaven.

Although sentenced to death by hanging, she was granted a reprieve by the local lord under the advice of the town’s resident wizard. This culminated in her joining the entourage of Aldris Mortlock and an unexpected reversal of fortune for the young lady.

There is some evidence to suggest there is more to her family, House Ravendean, than most realize. Before he died, Lord Padraig informed Amelie that now her name was exposed, the Viridian League would not rest until she was dead, and that she stood in the way of “progress”.

The documents she was accused of stealing have since been found, though the status of her crime and consequent punishment are now very ambiguous.

Since joining the entourage of the Inquisitor, Amelie has proven herself adept in combat and many matters relating to larceny and intrusion. Her stealthy presence, lockpicking skills and keen eyes have served the contingent very well over the course of their adventures.

Amelie Farrier

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