Keridyea Jaxon (normally just known as Keridyea or Keri) was born in Bastion and raised by two very devout Erathians. Followers of the prophet Honore Athson, Angela and Alexander Jaxon were actually present at the Grand Revelation where Erathis appeared before her followers.

Angela, who was pregnant with Keridyea at the time of the Revelation, vowed that she would raise the child to be a cleric of the Covenant. Things did not go entirely to plan. From early childhood, Keridyea showed no interest at all in religion, let alone church matters. Instead, she excelled at physical activity, training with the city’s militia in her off-hours.

During her mid-teen years, her parents sent her to live at a convent to study as a priestess. After barely a year, Keridyea ran away from the convent to join the military, which was desperate for recruits during the War of Consolidation. As an enlistee, she fought for two years on the front lines and attained the rank of Sergeant.

During the war, she witnessed the death of Henry Jaxon, her uncle, but it only steeled her resolve to become a great fighter. Seeing her fire, and noticing that it would only lead her to trouble in the military, a close friend of her uncle decided to step in.

Braegh Hammerglow was a dwarven blacksmith of great skill, and a hardy warrior to boot. He hoped to channel Keridyea’s rage by teaching her the art of blacksmithing. He took her on as an apprentice, and she excelled in the trade thanks to her amazing strength, fierce determination and keen judgement. However, it failed to have quite the calming effect he had hoped for.

Despite Keridyea’s staunchly non-religious stance, she displays remarkable abilities to manifest divine powers. Some have pointed to the fact that her pregnant mother was present at the Revelation. However, no records exist of such capabilities manifesting in other children who were present unborn at the Revelation.


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