A tiefling girl given up at an early age by parents who could not afford to raise her, Lamp is a member of the cloistered (and now destroyed) order known as the Umbral Sisterhood. Lamp was raised and trained by the Sisterhood as a swordmage, and had attained the rank of Aspirant.

During her childhood in the abbey, she forged several friendships with her fellow sisters, including the elven mage Niame. She also accumulated a few enemies, chief of which was Zirithian the drow war-priestess.

In -205 AE, the year of the Cairngorn Shadow Rift, Lamp underwent her trials of initiation. On the fateful day of the trials, the forces of Lord Dust attacked and nearly destroyed the Mistkeep Abbey. Lamp was slain during the attack, but her body was retrieved and revived as per the Sisterhood’s tradition.

Since she had technically failed her trial, Lamp was to be exiled from the Sisterhood. However, the Sisterhood’s presiding leader Matron Teritha, allowed her a chance at redemption in the form of a mission to seal the Cairngorn Shadow Rift once and for all.

Lamp set off towards the Cairngorn Mountains, traveling incognito. Along the way, she befriended Harkelle Ravendean of House Ravendean and the two traveled together through Fallcrest and beyond before parting ways at General Keegan’s war-camp.

At the war-camp, Lamp shared an unusually good rapport with Vendar, champion of the Auric Order, and he commanded several of his men to accompany Lamp to the end of her mission.

Tragically, as Lamp approached within a mile of her objective, she was waylaid by a Hag and her basilisk companion. Lamp was frozen in stone, not to be revived until the year 11 AE, 216 years later.

Gathering what information she could, Lamp realized she still had a chance to seal the Shadow Rift permanently, despite everyone and everything else she had ever known being lost to history. Joining the entourage of Inquisitor Aldris Mortlock, she set off to finish what she had started.


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