Lord Padraig

Lord Ernest Padraig is ruler of the town of Winterhaven and its surrounding lands. The fiefdom was inherited from his father.

A scheming and abrasive man, Padraig swiftly found himself on the bad side of Aldris Mortlock and nearly paid the ultimate price for it. He fell in battle at the Standing Stones of Gallows Falls, after hiring some mercenaries and attempting to eliminate the young inquisitor and his contingent.

Padraig claims to be a member of something called the Viridian League, and professed to be carrying out their will by murdering Amelie Farrier, upon whom he had placed a magical collar which would kill her at a single spoken command.

Unfortunately for Padraig, the collar didn’t work exactly as intended.

Lord Padraig now resides in the dungeons underneath the Winterhaven noble residence, where he awaits formal trial under Mortlock’s supervision.

Lord Padraig

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