Redstag Tribe

According to the wise women of the Redstag Tribe, this clan of humans has existed as long as the Cairngorn Mountains they call their home. To most of the residents of the Nentir Vale they are little more than savages, who occasionally come to trade pelts and iron ore for weapons, textiles and trinkets.

For two generations now, the tribe has been locked in a struggle with the Bloodspear Orcs clan which has been trying to use the Redstags’ territory as a staging grounds to mount another attack on the Nentir Vale. Before then, the tribe knew war against not only the orcs, but the Wolfclaw Tribe of Winterbole Forest as well as ogres, hill giants and worse.

As a result of their constant state of warfare, the Redstag Clan’s population is much lower than that of their rivals, but a mighty (and nearly pathological) warrior tradition has emerged. Males who come of age in the tribe are placed through arduous tests of endurance, skill and ferocity. Most of the tribe’s non-violent affairs are managed by the womenfolk, who wield most of the political power within the population.

The tribe’s totem is, of course, the Red Stag. This mythical figure is said to have mated with the Earth-Doe of the Cairngorn Peaks, and the excess seed which spilled onto the rocks grew into the first men and women of the tribe.

Redstag Tribe

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