Valthrun the Prescient is the resident wizard of Winterhaven. He lives in a tower just within the town walls and is well-respected by the town’s populace.

After Amelie Farrier was accused of stealing town documents, it was he who advised Lord Padraig to suspend her death sentence and instead make use of her as an agent to send a message to Bastion. To this end, he fashioned a magical collar which forced her to follow rules as dictated by Padraig, or be strangled.

However, it would seem that Valthrun deceived Padraig as to the specifics of the collar’s functions, since it simply fell off when Padraig attempted to use it to kill Amelie.

Valthrun has proven knowledgeable in many matters concerning the region and its history. For many months, he had suspected the activities of Kalarel and his cult in the area, and it was Valthrun who first theorized that Kalarel’s intention was to open the Cairngorn Shadow Rift.


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