Violet Sorcerers

The Violet Sorcerers (or as they are now more formally known, the Sorcerers of the Violet Tower, and more colloquially simply as the Violet Tower) are an ancient eladrin wizard’s enclave which has existed for nearly a thousand years. They originated in the region of the feywild known as Camuria.

Violet Sorcerers are identified by their cowled violet robes, emblazoned with the spiral pattern of eladrin wizardry. They are a, for the most part, a traditionalist faction, and they enjoy good relations with other colleges and chantries of eladrin wizards throughout surrounding regions.


Little is known of their early origins, though they are mentioned in eladrin lore and legend from the region as far back as nine and a half centuries ago. They first arose as a political power in Camuria approximately seven centuries ago when they began to concentrate their research on the Camurian Orrery, a strange and colossal artifact suspended in the sky above the Silent Forest.

This artifact was of immense research value to them, despite the fact that they could not discern its origin or purpose. For one thing, it was an accurate description of the motions of many (though not all) known planes, and even revealed the existence of a few others. But most importantly, the orrery was located at a rare aerial convergence of ley lines, making it valuable as an arcane demesne.

Within years, they had constructed a mage tower on a stable part of the artifact, and began to add further stable ground in the form of magically suspended earthmotes. After many years of further construction, more residents started to build dwellings there and thus the city of Precipice was founded.

Over the centuries, the Violet Tower prospered, ruling the city as a Magocracy. However, as a result of the events of the Infernal Wars, they divided their power with the Brightwing Lords who refused to relinquish the power they were given.

Today, the Violet Tower is locked in an escalating factional struggle with the Brightwing Lords, with no peaceful resolution in sight.

Faction Organization

The Violet Tower is administered at the highest level by a council known as the Inner Spiral. Practically nothing is known about how it functions or even how many members it has, and only very high ranking members of the Tower even communicate with the Inner Spiral.

Below this, the Violet Tower functions similarly to many arcane war academies, in that there is a solid hierarchy and chain of command. There are four Chambers which answer to the Inner Spiral: The State Chamber, The Sagely Chamber, The Inner Chamber and the Outer Chamber.

The State Chamber did not exist until the city of Precipice was established. The Sorcerers, realizing that the city needed some kind of rulership, formed the State Chamber as a small, but efficient Magocracy. It deals with all matters to do with the city, and plays the role of mayor and ministers to Precipice. For the last few centuries, the State Chamber has been forced to share its power with the Brightwing Lords. This fact is the fundamental source of the city’s prevailing atmosphere of political tension.

The Sagely Chamber concerns itself with scholarly, educational and arcane pursuits. It is really the core of the Tower, and technically the chamber that all other chambers facilitate. The Sagely Chamber trains young wizards, conducts research and preserves the accumulated arcane knowledge of the Tower. It is they who maintain the Spiral Rotunda, the largest arcane library in Camuria. The Sagely Chamber also charts and forecasts the movements of the Camurian Orrery and engage in the ongoing research into the orrery’s inner workings.

The Inner Chamber is an administrative body which regulates the “mundane” affairs of the Tower. They control the treasury, quarters, inventory, recruitment and other matters of domestic import. There are many powerful geomancers among the Inner Chamber, and it is they who raise, maintain and (when needed) shift the many earthmotes upon which most of Precipice’s dwellings are built.

The Outer Chamber comprises the defence forces and diplomatic corps of the Violet Tower. The many sub-chambers, or “cascades” of this chamber include the Speakers Proconsul, who act as a diplomatic consulate; the Violet Cataphracts who are a defensive detachment of armoured guard and aerial cavalry; and the Violet Rangers, an expeditionary force who deal with gathering rare reagents, retrieving artifacts and other specialized military operations.

Violet Sorcerers

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