Jehane Sunshadow

Lower class Eladrin – Ranger of the Violet Enclave – A Duskwalker and a Dreamer. Due to her past, and possibly due to her unclear Destiny, she tends not to be too welcome for long periods in Precipice, and is often given assignments in the Doldrums.

She has long blond hair tied/braided around the ears, enough to keep her hair out of the way of her eyes and her bow, eyes white as ice laced with amethyst, on her right wrist is a silver chunky braclet with runes of the ancients inscribed on it (given to her by her childhood friend Desmond), on her forearms she wears the Bracers of Archery, she wears hide armour that is a dark golden brown colour. And always has her bow within reach.

On the field of battle she found a silver chain with a large round amulet appearing to be ancient, but with no show of decay or rust. In the distance she sees a child she saved when she was a recruit and calls out to her. Clairissa is and always was of the spirit world, and becomes her Spirit Companion.

Due to the many battles and adventures with her travelling companions, she finds her bonds now grow deep: Jehane honours the Eladrin allegiances with both the Dragonwarden and the Umbral Sisterhood.

Amalie – A Human, who is being hunted because she is Dragonwarden, Yip Yap – A small Cobolt that sees Amalie as his master because she is Dragonwarden, Sedgeley Bleake – A Human, who is Amalie’s protector, Lamp – A Tiefling and the last of the Umbral Sisterhood, and Brun – A Barbarian of the Red Stag Clan, he scares her in his brutal intensity, but she respects him as a ferocious figher.

Jehane Sunshadow

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